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Genio 6kg Roaster

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The Genio 6 Precision series is our 7th generation 6kg roaster. With installations spread over 3 continents, this incredibly capable 6kg roaster is our pride and joy. The Genio 6 features advanced electronics to help you control, monitor and log every available parameter of your roast. Over the years we have taken the input from our clients to craft the perfect shop roaster for any roasting environment. Its simplistic design and industrial components allow the operator to focus entirely on that which matters most: the flavour profile of the coffee.

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Capacity – 3kg-6kg profile roasting
– 200g-2kg sample roasting
Heating 25kW gas burner (LPG/Natural Gas)
Air Flow – Roasting Fan: 660 m³/hr @ 1100 Pa
– Cooling Fan: 1000 m³/hr @ 1600 Pa
Electrical 220V 50Hz Single Phase
Control – Wireless Tablet
– Full Profile Logging
– Full manual/automatic profiling
Profile Plotting – 7 graphs in real-time
– Reference profiles from database
Drum Dual-wall ceramic coated
Roasting Principle Convection & Conduction
Roast time 11-15min
Motors 4x Variable Speed

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